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I been a student of ceramics for much of adult life; always learning and trying new forms, new techniques. Most of my pottery is functional. I eat off my plates, drink from my coffee mugs, and cook in my casseroles.

   After retirement I began to spent part of the year in Nova Scotia, Canada. There I sell pottery at craft fairs and farmer’s markets. Then, at home for the winter, I studie at Philadelphia’s Clay Studio where I make a new collection of pieces and study new forms. This is a terrific school with great teachers and an everything-you-need teaching facility.

Here are some examples of my pottery.

pottery 18b.JPG
reed jar.jpg
ring bottles.jpg
pottery vases 20.jpg
cups 20.jpg
FB casserols 18 b.jpg
fish 15 fb.jpg
pottery 20c.jpg
ring pot 19.jpeg
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